Frequently Asked Questions

10. How is Zsweet® zero calories if it shows carbs on the label?

Zsweet® granulated contains less than 4 zero-net-carbohydrates per serving & Zsweet® supersweet packets contain less than 1 zero-net-carbohydrates per serving. Zero net carbohydrates are also known as unavailable carbs, which means, essentially, that they don't count.  Zero-net-carbohydrates are not converted into glucose by the body & therefore do not require you to do a carb / calorie conversion. For this reason, Zsweet® is the perfect natural sweetener for individuals on low or no carbohydrate diets.

Because Zsweet® contains erythritol, considered a 'sugar alcohol', it is required by the FDA to display 1 carb per gram on its label.


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