Frequently Asked Questions

6. Why is Zsweet® a healthy sugar substitute for people with diabetes?


Zsweet® is an ideal diabetic food and is a sensible ingredient for diabetic recipes and diabetic diets because it does not increase blood glucose levels. In a recent study conducted by Glycemic Index Laboratories, Zsweet® was shown to cause 0% increase in blood sugar levels. Doctors & Dietitians agree that Zsweet® is the perfect, natural zero glycemic sweetener. 

Clinical study proves zero glycemic effect after eating Zsweet®.

In a recent human study at Glycemic Index Laboratories, Zsweet® all natural was shown not to increase blood glucose levels.

Blood Sugar Glucose levels with Zsweet all natural sweetener

Incremental glycemic concentrations are significantly higher after white bread
ingestion. Zsweet® shows no impact on blood sugar.

Blood Sugar Glucose levels with Zsweet all natural sweetener

The Absolute Blood Glucose values indicate that Zsweet® is well
tolerated and totally safe for diabetics.

SOURCE: Study provided by the Glycemic Index Laboratories (GI Labs)


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