Frequently Asked Questions

5. What is the difference between Zsweet® and other sweeteners?

Unlike most popular sweeteners, Zsweet® granulated & supersweet contain 100% all natural ingredients and are naturally processed. Sweeteners containing saccharin (Sweet 'n' Low®), aspartame (Equal®), or sucralose (Splenda®), are chemically processed artificial sweeteners. These artificial sweeteners have been strongly linked to undesirable side effects and leave a strong metallic or chemical aftertaste in the mouth. All of the ingredients in Zsweet® occur in nature in fruits and plants.

Zsweet® also stands out among other natural zero calorie sweeteners in taste & health benefits. Granulated Zsweet® has a taste and texture like sugar and can be used as a one-for-one substitute in baking. We've increased the sweetening power of erythritol; which is normally 70% as sweet as sugar; to 100% as sweet in granulated & twice as sweet in Zsweet® supersweet packets.

The Z in Zsweet® stands for...

Zero calories
Zero glycemic impact
Zero net-carbs
Zero artificial ingredients
Zero gluten
Zero GMO's

Zsweet® is also vegan, kosher and does not promote tooth decay or candida growth.

There are no artificial, or other natural, zero calorie sweeteners that encompass all of the qualities & benefits of Zsweet®. Zsweet® is truly a zero worries sweetener!

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