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ZSweet® has been receiving rave reviews by the press and by customers worldwide. Check 'em out!
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"In the last year and a half, I have completely changed my life. As an obese person, I started working out and eating right. I have lost 88 pounds and, while I have a long way to go, I feel so much better. I recently found ZSweet and gave it a try. I used it in the Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe posted on your website and was thrilled at the results. Now when I am going somewhere where I will be temped, I take along some cookies (and often share them with others who love them as well) and I don't feel like I am giving up as much. Thanks for creating such a wonderful product!!
Marcy Sylvester

"I read about ZSweet yesterday online and bought a jar at Whole Foods Market today. This is the Best alternative to sugar I've ever tried! I've already sent out the ZSweet link to friends of mine and told them to look for it!
Mr. John Bates

"Hi, I just want to say how much I like ZSweet, I found it in our local dollar store, and I made a chocolate cake with it, it is the chocolate cake that is on the Hersey's cocoa can, it is great. It's the best tasting sugar substitute that I have tasted, thank you very much!!!!!"
Marilyn K. in Upper Michigan

"I am diabetic and my wife recently found Z sweet in the Healthfood section of HyVee. She bought it just to let me see if it is better than Equal witch is my favorite... She loved it so much, she is useing it now, and she never... ever... liked any.. of my artifical sweetners due to the aftertaste, and it makes her stomach hurt! We are going to replace every sweetner in the house with it.
Mr. Daryl Jones

"ZSweet is the best product! I use sugar in coffee every day, and now I use ZSweet. ZSweet is the very best thing for diabetics. It doesn't have an aftertaste like Xylitol and is better for you. I wish I was a celebrity, or had some clout because I would do a show about ZSweet. Please advertise more, everyone should know about it. If you have to us a sugar substitute, then why not use ZSweet?"
M. K., Los Angeles, CA

"I recently purchased it at Whole Foods and have been singing praises of it to all my friends and family. It's GREAT stuff! You should put "Made in the USA" on your website. I know a lot of folks concerned about Chinese imports at the moment."
R. C.

"Great to see a product like this! Would like to find organic ZSweet in my hometown, Stockton, California Thank You."
J. F.

Ms. B. G., Retired

"I love this product!"
S. S., Middletown, NJ

"I received a sample and liked it. I use a lot of artificial sweeteners and I'd like to go the more natural route without the calories."
Mrs. M. V. B., Randolph, NJ

"Thank you and by the way I am starting my first pack of ZSweet, I love the taste so much. I finally can enjoy the taste of sugar again in my life. I hope that Erythritol is accepted for my Atkins diet.
Otherwise, I already took too much of carb today.
Thank you. Thank for the ZSweet founder. I wonder for years that when someone will come up with this kind of product. And then you did. Thanks."
A. T., Alameda, CA

"Love your product. Since Bariatric Surgery, ZSweet is the only sweetener I use. No after-taste and my sugar eating friends can't tell the difference."
Mr. R. B., Richmond Hill, GA

"love the product!!!"
Mrs. D. W., Palm Beach Gardens, FL

J. O., Middleburg, FL

"Great stuff. Recommended by my physician and I'm sold."
C. T., Abilene, TX

"Love your product."
Mrs. J. D., Diamond Bar, CA

"I needed to make a kosher non-dairy dietetic chocolate pudding for a 96 year old relative in the hospital. I took a regular pudding recipe, substituted almond breeze beverage for the milk ( lowest carbs of all the non-dairy drinks). So I choose organic ZSweet - what a surprise-I substituted it cups for cup for the sugar and the WHOLE FAMILY loved it!!!!( age 6 and up ) AND nobody could tell there was an alternative sweetener. Thanks! Keep up the good work!!!!!!! I'm on the way to make another batch right now..."
Mrs. E, Illinois

"Can you please tell me if there was a demonstration of your product recently at the Costco Warehouse in Coleman Avenue, Santa Clara. I thought I saw it there, didn't try it, but later on when looking for a sugar substitute I found it at Whole Foods in Campbell, and I love it. The reason I'm asking about the demo in Costco is because I want to know if that day there was a special offer of ZSweet Thanks!"
K. P., San Jose, CA

"I Love ZSweet, natural and no aftertaste! My father and grandparents are diabetics. I drink about 3 cups of coffee a day and was using natural brown sugar. I wanted to cut down on the sugar, but don't like the alternative chemical substitutes out there, so switching wasn't an option. On my routine trip to wholefoods markets I decided to check to see if they carry a natural substitute to sugar and that's when i found ZSweet. After switching to ZSweet I've actually lost 7 lbs in a month and I know its much better for my health. I recommend this to everyone I know. Keep up the great work."
V. C., Bensalem, PA

"My son is actually the one with Diabetes. He will be 4 in December. We just made zucchini bread using ZSweet and although I could have cooked it longer it tasted great. I spoke with Tim and he was right his blood sugar did not go up. Yaa! Anyway, I am very happy with your product and love that I can bake with it. I have already told some of my friends with children with diabetes. Keep up the good work."
Mrs. H. K., Pasadena, CA

Ms. C. H., Albuquerque, NM

"ZSweet is fabulous for my clients healthy lifestyles! We love it!"
D. S., Tucson, AZ

"Your sugar substitute is all that you advertise that it is! I have a weight problem and was looking for a substitute that taste as much like natural sugar as possible while not having the aftertaste that are common with other products... Thank you!"
W. D., Capistrano Beach, CA

"Best tasting substitute for sugar I've ever tasted. Way to go!" -
T. M., Durham, NC

" I tried a sample at a local grocery store and love it"
Ms. Janice W., Rogersville, MO

"Read the article in the Register in May and went looking for the product. It is every bit as good as you claim. I have recommended it to several of my friends who have blood sugar problems and are allergic or have reactions to other products. Keep up the great work. Waiting to find it in my local Costco."
Mrs. S. L., La Habra, CA

"I am so excited about this product, I tasted it in Sarasota last weekend at a Whole Foods store. Now I can make pickled and harvard beets again without guilt!"
Ms. P. T.

"Your product is going to help my diabetic husband enjoy his morning coffee again. Thank you SO MUCH. I am a member of D-Life. That's how I found you."
M. K., Old Orchard Beach, ME

"I'm excited to find an organic source of erythritol. Thank you for making this!"
E. B., Colfax, WA

"You have an incredibly delicious product. I want to replace all the sugar/sweetener packets at all the restaurant tables with your product... It's tme to change the way America eats!"
M. M., Petaluma, CA

"Love, love, love ZSweet. I love all of Chef Lala's recipes too!"
Mrs. M. F., Largo, FL

"My fourteen year old son has type 1 diabetes, diagnosed when he was 10. I am excited about trying your product for the benefit of our whole family!"
J. R., Saylorsburg, PA

"I am very excited to have found your page. ZSweet inventor, Mr. Tim Avila truly seems to be making this sweetener due to personal family need, I truly applaud you sir. Some of those very reasons are what have sent me searching. Mr. Avila, please keep your heart in the right place, there are many people out here that need people like you, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!! I would really like for some one to contact me by email or by phone so I could get and give more personal information. Again, Thank You So Much. I am looking forward to speaking to you."
M. S., - Baxter, TN

"Mrs. J from California wrote "I tasted a sample the other day and I was so amazed even my 10 year didn't even know! I also am excited that there's no weird substitutions for baking. I emailed all my friends and family about your product."
"Your product is amazing. Thanks for giving me a better sweetener."
B., Illinois

"Love, Love, Love ZSweet!!!!! The hardest thing in my quest to get healthy has been giving up sugar. I try to stay natural so sugar substitutes are not an option. Now I don't have to worry about it. Your product is amazing!!!!"

"I just wanted to tell you that I bought ZSweet yesterday at Whole Foods and tried it for the 1st time in my coffee this am. It is amazing! This is the best tasting 0 calorie sweetener I have had!!!!!!!!! There is no bitter after taste and it melts on the tongue like candy. I am a sold customer of your product. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you as I now can actually cut sugar and not loose on taste. Yeah!"
ZSweet Customer in Wisconsin.

"Thank you so much for the cranberry sauce recipe and even moreso for the advice to process the Zsweet.  The cranberry sauce was soooo good.  I look forward to using Zsweet in baking and other recipes.

L. Viola, North Carolina

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